web design and development for desktop, tablet and mobiledevices

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Radiant Works
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tel: 01484 512742
email: info@rfmedia.co.uk


We provide web design & development for desktop, tablet & mobile devices..

We build content management systems and online software tools for business.

We also act as the web design and development arm of many leading creative and marketing agencies.

For all our clients we provide usability advice, general web consutlancy and technical expertise to ensure they get the best results from their project.

We'll help you get the most out of the business you do online and ensure a genuine return on investment. We'll even do it in a way that means you understand what we're talking about.


Bespoke Web Development, Content Management Systems, PHP, Drupal, Symfony, Friendly CMS, Wordpress, Graphic Design for Web, Usability, SEO.


a sample of our client logos

what no whistles & bells?

"Don't worry they're coming. We're a little pre-occupied right now doing nice work for our clients. Ironically this has left us with practically no time for our own website... I know it's a poor excuse but we promise to launch a full site in the near future.

If you would like to know more about how we could help you with an idea you have for a project then please get in touch.

Thanks for visiting the site in the meantime and we look forward to wowing you soon."

Rick Garnett - Co-founderRick Garnett
Co-founder & Managing Director